Overview: Application for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK
  You may use IWA to apply for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 and Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) regardless of whether you are applying to ECFMG for examination for the first time or have applied for examination previously. ECFMG will begin processing your exam application after receiving the on-line part of the exam application; verification of your student or graduate status from your medical school; and any other required documents.
U.S. law currently restricts interactions between U.S. organizations and entities in certain countries/regions, including Crimea, North Korea, and Syria.

If you are ordinarily resident in North Korea, Crimea or Syria you cannot continue with this application. The USMLE exam sponsors do not currently have authorization to administer examinations to individuals who are ordinarily resident in these countries/regions. If you submit an exam application, and it is determined that you are ordinarily resident in North Korea, Crimea or Syria, you will not be registered for USMLE.

  • Applied for and been issued a USMLE/ECFMG identification number and have an on-line services password.
    • If you forgot your USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number, click here.
    • If you have never been issued a USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number and want to request one, click here.
    • If you have a USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number, but you are a first-time user of ECFMG On-line Services, click here to establish an account.

  • Completed the Application for ECFMG Certification, including acceptance of your notarized Certification of Identification Form (Form 186). For more information on the Application for ECFMG Certification, refer to the Application for ECFMG Certification Overview and Instructions. You can check the status of your Application for ECFMG Certification using OASIS.
  • Read the editions of the ECFMG Information Booklet and the USMLE Bulletin of Information that pertain to the eligibility period in which you take the exam.

  Before you begin an exam application, you should also review and be familiar with the Policies and Procedures Regarding Irregular Behavior. Before applying, you should also be familiar with the Biometric Enabled Check-In System (BECS) Frequently Asked Questions, which provide information on the privacy and security practices that have been established for the BECS program implemented by Prometric as part of standard test day procedures for computer-based Step examinations.

You should gather the medical education information needed to complete the application. This information includes the names and addresses of medical schools you have attended or are attending, attendance dates, clinical clerkships completed, and any credits that you transferred to the medical school that awarded or will award your medical degree.

You should also review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before you begin an exam application. If you still have questions, you may contact ECFMG Applicant Information Services.

If you are completing an exam application for the first time, you should allow approximately one hour to complete all items. You should be able to complete subsequent applications in a shorter period of time since you will not need to re-enter all of the information.

  • A COMPUTER with one of the two most recent versions of the following web browsers installed: Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox™, or Google Chrome. Both Cookies and JavaScripting must be enabled for the browser that you use. (Cookies and JavaScripting are enabled by default. However, if you need to change these settings, refer to the Help feature of your browser.) You will also need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® software to view and print forms that may be required during the application process. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy by clicking here.



  • AN ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT METHOD (See Methods of Payment on the ECFMG website).

  A complete exam application consists of:
  • The on-line part of the application;
  • Student or graduate status verification, by your medical school; and
  • Any other required documents, as outlined in IWA and the ECFMG Information Booklet.
  ECFMG must receive the on-line part; verification of your student or graduate status from your medical school; and any other required documentation in order to process your application.

On-line Part

You must begin with the on-line part, which includes most of the application items. Instructions for the application items are available throughout the process. You can also print the application instructions for all items at any time.

As you move from screen to screen, the information you provide will be saved. If you are unable to answer all application items in one session or you are disconnected from the application, you can return to it later by clicking the link to your saved application after logging into IWA.

Although you do not have to answer all items in one session, you must complete all on-line application items within 14 days of the date you last saved the application. Otherwise, the application will no longer be valid, and you must start another application.

After completing the application items for one exam, you will have the opportunity to apply for other exams for which you may be eligible on the same application.

When you have completed the on-line part of the application, you will have the opportunity to review all information for accuracy and make any necessary corrections or changes before submitting it. As the last step in the on-line part of the application, you will receive important information about how your student or graduate status will be verified by your medical school.

Status Verification

Before an applicant can be registered for USMLE, ECFMG must receive verification of the applicant's status as a currently enrolled student or graduate directly from his/her medical school. ECFMG will request status verification from your medical school via the school's preferred method, either electronically through the ECFMG Medical School Web Portal (EMSWP) Status Verification program or via a paper form (Certification Statement Form 183). If your medical school completes status verification requests electronically, you will be notified at the end of the on-line application process. If your medical school completes status verification requests via paper form, you will be provided with the form at the end of the on-line application process. Detailed instructions on how to complete and submit the form are also provided with the form.

Additional Documentation

As you fill out the exam application, you will receive information about the credentials that you may be required to submit at the time of application.

For complete information on the medical education credentials that may be required at the time of exam application, see Credentials for ECFMG Certification in the ECFMG Information Booklet.

Documents required to complete your application can be submitted to ECFMG via the ECFMG Credentials Upload Tool or via mail or courier. If being submitted by mail, all documents required to complete your application must be sent to ECFMG in one envelope. You can check the status of your medical education credentials using ECFMG's OASIS.
    Important Note: The USMLE program provides reasonable accommodations for examinees with disabilities who are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you are submitting a request for test accommodations, follow the instructions in the Test Accommodations information on the USMLE website. Do not send your request for test accommodations or supporting documents in the same envelope as your application materials.
Processing Time for Applications

ECFMG processes exam applications typically within two weeks of receipt of the on-line part; verification of your student or graduate status from your medical school; and any other required documents. Eligible applicants are registered for USMLE after the processing of their applications is completed.

ECFMG cannot complete the processing of your application until your medical school verifies your status either electronically or via the paper form. The time needed to complete the processing of your application is contingent upon your medical school's response to the status verification request.

If your medical school participates in ECFMG's electronic status verification program and does not verify your status within 12 months of the date your record was made available in EMSWP, your exam application will be rejected.

If you are required to complete a paper status verification (Form 183), ECFMG must receive Form 183 and any additional documents as soon as possible. ECFMG must receive the on-line part of your application, Form 183, and all required documents to process your application.

Practice Materials

Practice materials for all Steps, as well as further information on examination content and test formats are available on the USMLE website at Please note USMLE practice materials are updated periodically.